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Landscape Designers Nantucket


Our staff of talented Nantucket Landscape Designers, led by Moira Ryan, will carefully plan your project from concept to completion.


After an initial meeting with the client and comprehensive site analysis of your Nantucket home, a fully developed landscape design is created. The process will transform your property into your favorite place to spend time.


Our landscape design crews begin by carefully performing any necessary site preparation, which includes addressing any grading or drainage issues that need correction.


Next, the “Hardscape” elements of the design are installed. This may start with the construction of wet or dry-laid stone walls, followed by the installation of patios or walkways, which can be constructed from a wide variety of materials.


Finally, our planting crews will arrive to put the finishing touches on the landscape design. This can range from the installation of a privacy hedge to a foundation planting or may involve a full-site renovation including perennial gardens and lawn renovation.

Landscape Design
Nantucket Landscaping


We work hard to create the perfect landscape plan created for our clients’ outdoor living spaces.


To ensure the best result, Moira and Dave Ryan visit with the owners to get a feel for the property and the amount of sun exposure and shade that is throughout the yard. Then, Moira Ryan will develop a plan for well-considered, colorful, and low-maintenance four-season gardens, full of long-blooming perennials, and present to the clients for approval. 


Once approved, the Dave Ryan Landscape Construction Crews get to work grading and conditioning the earth for the best soil content and drainage quality. Once the garden beds are prepared, the highest quality of perennial plants and tree materials are purchased and installed to Moira’s specifications and on-site management.


Walkways, patios, and fine stone walls are also designed and built according to the form of the land and the owner’s wishes for the perfect outdoor living space


Our customers are always extremely happy with their Nantucket landscape construction installations and they give glowing praise to our staff for their professional and even personal attention to every detail.


If you’re looking for a professional Nantucket landscape construction company on the island, look no further, we’d love to work with you

Landscape Construction
Landscaping Nantucket


At Dave Ryan Landscaping Nantucket, we take our lawns very seriously and highly prioritize continued maintenance and upkeep.


We know the joy that a truly beautiful, lush, green, weed-free lawn can bring to a client’s family and the value it adds to their home. 


For maintenance, we start our work with lawn inspections in the early Spring to determine the needs and areas requiring attention and improvement.


From there, a proper materials and maintenance program is put together for each client. We then hit the ground running, beginning the process, whether with thatching and seeding, weed control, or fertilizing.

For our seasonal clients, we understand that there is a long list of things to tackle in order to ready their homes to open. Because of this, we make sure preparing their lawns for the Summer season is the least of their worries, putting together an action plan to produce the best and most beautiful results.


As with our Garden Maintenance program, we perform maintenance on a weekly basis during the season. If clients have questions, additional requests, or any comments, we are always there to lessen the worry and keep customers happy and prideful of their outdoor spaces.

Landscape Maintenance
Nantucket landscaping companies


At Dave Ryan Landscaping Nantucket, we design and build fine stone walls, beautiful terraces and patios of bluestone and brick, exquisite driveways of shell or gravel, driveway aprons of cobblestone, and Belgian block, and retaining walls made of fieldstone, brick, or landscape timbers.


We promise the feeling of amazement and enjoyment that comes with arriving home along a professionally built shelled driveway with a custom stone apron entrance or walking by the lush all-season gardens surrounding your breathtaking patio and outdoor living spaces, will never cease to exist.


With a beautiful outdoor living space, entertaining family and friends just go that much better. We are excited to work with you to create the space of a lifetime.

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